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Registration for LFC Cheer is now closed.

LFC Cheerleading Program Overview


Welcome to LFC Cheer!

This competitive sport focuses on teaching progressive cheerleading skills to children in grades second through eighth, with an emphasis on safety, respect, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Cheerleaders are expected to work as a team and will attend 4 practices per week during the weeks of August 8 and 15, 2022.  Beginning the week of August 22, practice will drop to 3 days a week.  During practices, in addition to sideline cheer instruction, they will participate in tumbling skills practice, dance choreography and stunt training.  All of these skills will culminate in each team's competition routine.  Practices are supervised by an adult coach, and instruction is provided by volunteer junior coaches in preparation for games and competitions.


Practices and Games

Practices are held at Lyons Township High School's South Campus and other approved facilities in the district area, such as The Max, at the discretion of the League.  The teams will cheer for LFC home - and possibly some away - football games, which are held on Sundays and, on occasion, Saturdays.  Games are scheduled to start the last weekend of August and can go through the second or third week in November.  LFC Cheerleaders will cheer at a minimum of 6 games and participate in 2 to 4 local competitions.  Should any of our football teams make it to the playoffs or Super Bowl, we will cheer at those games, which take place in November.

Second grade cheerleaders will ONLY cheer at football games and will NOT participate in competitions.  They will learn sideline cheers and will practice and cheer at games with our youngest aged team.  Second grade cheerleaders will attend the same practices during the first 2 weeks of the season and once school begins, those cheerleaders will attend 1 practice per week for 45 minutes.  This allows our youngest athletes to get an idea of what cheer involves before they commit to the full cheer experience.

Parental support for their child’s team and coaches is necessary for the success of the program.  We are a volunteer organization, so we rely heavily on family participation to contribute to the success of our program.

LFC Cheer is a member of the Illinois Cheer Association ("ICA").  LFC encourages all teams of appropriate age/level to compete in additional events including the State Competition, when they qualify for such events.  When a team qualifies, it may extend that team's season into the first week or two of December.  Also, please note our teams may practice more than the scheduled practice days the week of a competition, if necessary, and at the discretion of the team's coach.

Should your Cheerleader's team qualify for the State Competition, each athlete is responsible for their own State fees of approximately $175.  This fee will be due in November for any qualifying teams.

Note:  Special squad requests are not accepted for cheerleading.  Divisions will depend upon enrollment numbers and grade in school only.  We are a non-tryout league.

Cheerleaders participating in LFC are not allowed to register in any travel cheer program during the LFC season.

Attached to this page is the LFC Cheer Handbook, which is required reading.  After reviewing the information here and within the Handbook, if you feel you will not be able to uphold these expectations, please reconsider joining our program.  There are no refunds. 


Registration Requirements

In order to begin the registration process, you must have a SportsEngine account.  If you already have a SportsEngine account, please provide your information on the bottom left of this page to begin the registration process. 

If you do not have a SportsEngine account, you must:

  1.  Sign Up for a SportEngine account using the Sign Up link on the bottom right of this page;
  2. Return to our registration link; and then
  3. Input your newly created SportsEngine account information to begin and complete the registration process.


Registration Process

This registration will allow you to provide contact information, sign consents and submit payment.  Please read through each page carefully to ensure all information is provided accurately.  To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or checking account information available.  Each transaction will incur a 3.25% + $1 processing fee.  There are two payment choices:  PAY IN FULL or PAYMENT PLAN.



The registration fee for the 2022 season will be as follows:

  • Third through Eighth Grades:  $530
  • Second Grade:  $280

The registration fee includes all practices, facility rentals, professionally mixed music, competitions (excluding State), as well as certain uniform accessories, including practice uniforms.  Team warmups will be provided to those new to LFC Cheer.  Cheerleaders are responsible for the cost of replacement warmups hereafter.  Additional mandatory expenses include the new uniform, practice cheer shoes and competition cheer shoes.  The uniform ($190) and competition cheer shoes ($65) are paid for at registration separately and a cheer bag is optional ($45).  Additional spirit wear may be purchased, when offered, at an additional cost.  

(Second grade cheerleaders are not required to buy the uniform or competition cheer shoe.  They will, however, need a white practice cheer shoe for practices and games.)

We are happy to announce LFC offers a sibling discount for families who have multiple children in the program!!  Please contact Kelly Grigus via email prior to registering ( to receive a discount code for $25 off each additional registration.


Payment Plans

If PAYMENT PLAN is selected at checkout, a $50 deposit is due at the time of registration, and the remaining balance will be divided into equal installments to be collected on the 15th of each month through July 15, 2022.  Payment methods include:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover or a checking account.  

If you wish to use a different account to pay the balance, please log in to your SportsEngine account BEFORE the 1st of the month to update your account information.


Cheer Gear

Cheerleaders will receive a practice uniform, warmups (for new cheerleaders only) and a hair bow.  All third through eighth grade cheerleaders (new and returning) are required to purchase a new uniform ($190) and new competition cheer shoes ($65).  New and returning cheerleaders have the option of purchasing a cheer bag for a charge of $45.  Note that as of March 1, we will be offering the same cheer bag as last year.  Shoes and bags will be provided to cheerleaders during the pre-season, after practice has started.  If you do not purchase a bag at registration, you may purchase a cheer bag at any time up until the June 8 close of registration by contacting the Cheer Director via email provided on the cheer home page.


In-Person Sizing

Mandatory in-person sizing for uniforms and competition shoes will occur on Friday, June 10.  At the uniform fitting day, cheer registrants will need to bring one check made payable to Lyons Football and Cheer Club in the amount of $250, which represents the volunteer security deposit (only checks are accepted and will be destroyed following the fulfillment of volunteer requirements).  CHEER GEAR WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED UNTIL THE SECURITY DEPOSIT CHECK IS PROVIDED.

All interested parties must register online to be accepted at our in-person cheer fitting day for measuring and sizing for the uniform.  No exceptions!


Mandatory Volunteer Requirements

LFC depends on the support of its volunteers.  Each family is expected to donate at least 2 hours of their time in Cheer Committee assignments, the concession stand, field set-up/take down, field clean-up, equipment cleaning, organization and distribution, etc., during the course of the season.  This requirement will be strictly enforced and must be honored in order for your family to remain in good standing with LFC and eligible for off-season clinics hosted by LFC as well as eligible for registration the following season.  To secure each family's volunteer requirement, LFC will hold a deposit that will be destroyed upon fulfillment of volunteer requirements.

If families wish to opt out of this requirement, LFC is offering a $200 opt-out fee.  Again, to the extent your family commits to volunteer and does not opt out, we are counting on, rely on and thank you for your follow through to fulfill your volunteer obligation.


Registration Closing Date

As there are limitations to coordinating resources for coaching as well as constructing teams, etc., registration will close at 5:00p on June 8, 2022.  No exceptions.

If you have any questions on the registration process, please contact:  Shauna Baechle ( or Kelly Grigus (



Illinois Cheer Association ("ICA")

LFC Cheer is a member of both BGYFL and the ICA. BGYFL and LFC encourage all squads of appropriate age/level to compete in additional events including the Illinois State Competition, when they qualify for such events. Please see the ICA link above for additional information on the Cheer Association.

Volunteers Wanted!!!

We would like to invite anyone interested in getting more involved with the LFC program to take a look at the following opportunities. All of them meet the volunteer hours requirement.  Some of these positions are currently filled but please contact us for more information.  Thank you!

Fundraising Chair 
Spirit Chair                                                                      
Uniform Chair 
Competition Chair 
Spirit Wear Chair 
Mat Maintenance Chair(s), a great way for Cheer Dads to get involved!

For more information about our Tigers Cheerleading program, please contact Shauna Baechle (information below). 

Shauna Baechle

LFC Cheer Director